Improved sander


  • Inventors: ZHINING YING
  • Assignees: 应志宁
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2936568-Y


The utility model relates to a modified dresser, which is suitable for carrying out wall dressing cleaning before rendering, oil painting, and wallpaper sticking etc. The utility model comprises a handhold main pipe which is a hollow cylinder, a motor arranged on the middle and lower part of the handhold main pipe, a siphon which is connected with a dressing member-equipped and a minor through hole-opened disk on an end connected with the handhold main pipe on the other end, and a flexible siphon arranged between the front head of the handhold main pipe and the through hole. Thereby, the handhold main pipe, the flexible siphon and the small through holes opened on the disk form a dust absorption pipe. The dust produced during the operation is absorbed by the dust collector through the dust absorption pipe to kill off the dust pollution of the working site.




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