Novel electric eddy speed reducing braker for vehicle



The utility model relates to an electric-eddy speed-reducing braker, and is an improvement for prior art. The utility model is characterized in that the support is plate shaped; a fixing board, a winding, a magnet-conducting board and a wind wheel are sequentially and longitudinally arranged at one side of the support. Through holes are arranged in the middle of the support, the fixing board and the magnet-conducting board; the outer side of the support is arranged at the end face of the box at the side of the output shaft of the transmission box; the output shaft of the transmission box extrudes into the through holes; the wind wheel is arranged at the end of the output shaft of the transmission box. The utility model is of good radiating effect, big deceleration torque, small current, stable speed, long service life, more reliable performance; because of the simplified structure, the adjustment, operation, maintenance works are more convenient than prior brakers.




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