Full-colour light-emitting diode



The utility model aims to provide a technique program of full color luminescence diode which can gives out seven colors. The technique program mainly lies in that three crystals which are respectively connected with the IC integrated block are arranged in the tube body. The three crystals are arranged as red, green and blue three colors. The red crystal, green crystal and the blue crystal are respectively connected with the IC integrated block through a wire. As the full color luminescence diode adopting the technique program is controlled by the IC integrated block, the three-color crystals give out light and extinguish in the sequence of red-green-blue-red and green-green and blue-blue and red-red, green and blue. The process cycles repeatedly in the sequence. When used as night decorations in decorative lighting advertisement, buildings, streetscape, etc., the colors of the utility model can be brighter and more enjoyable. The utility model is an advantageous design.




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