Vessel for heat preservation of food in bowl or dish



A vessel capable of maintaining temperature of food in bowl and pan is characterized in that a thermal insulating support pan 1 is connected with an outer thermal insulating layer 2, a heat-generating bag 4 is provided in an inner thermal insulating layer 3, a bottom cover 6 is connected with the inner thermal insulating layer 3 and is provided in an inner hole at lower part of the support pan 1, and a plug socket 8 is connected with the bottom cover 6 and an circuit of the heat-generating bag 4. The utility model has the advantages of maintaining temperature of the food in bowl and pan for a long time and preventing the food from cooling, maintaining good taste and hot of the food, no influence on intestine and stomach after eating the food to no cause disorders, and with benefiting effects on maintaining color, flavor and taste of food and health of intestine and stomach of human being.




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