Door seal apparatus for rice steaming vehicle


  • Inventors: DAMING NI
  • Assignees: 倪大明
  • Publication Date: July 21, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2626763-Y


The utility model relates to a sealing strip device for a steam rice car door, which is arranged on the liner and shell of the steam rice car, with the function of sealing, and belongs to the technical field of sealing device. The utility model mainly adopts a sealing strip slot formed on the edge of the liner and embeds the sealing strip into the sealing strip slot. The utility model has advantages of simple, compact and reasonable structure; high temperature resistance and aging resistance of the sealing strips; prevention of door seal from steam leakage by using gasbag embedded door seal; convenient dismantling and assembling, labor and material saving and long service life.




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