Ear cleaning rod


  • Inventors: BIHUI WEI
  • Assignees: 韦碧辉
  • Publication Date: July 21, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2626465-Y


The utility model belongs to an appliance for cleaning earwax and scratching ear to relive itching, which comprises a straight bar, wherein a cylindrical, drum-shaped or conical cleaning head that is coaxial with the bar and has larger diameter is disposed on one end of the bar, and an annular or spiral convex ring and a groove are disposed on the outer surface of the cylindrical, drum-shaped or conical cleaning head. The utility model can continuously pick ear in one time by using the 360 DEG convex ring and groove of the cleaning head until the earwax is completely cleaned, and it needs not to care about the holding direction. Therefore, the utility model has advantages of convenient usage, high efficiency, and low time consumption.




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