Micro supercharging electronic controller for petrol engine



A gasoline micro-pressurization electronic control device mainly comprises an air nozzle, an electromagnetic air valve, a throttle sensor, and an electronic control device. The gasoline engine load information received by the throttle sensor is input into the output end of the electronic control device; the rotating speed information obtained by the igniting system of the gasoline engine is input into the other output end of the electronic control device; the control signal output by the output end of the electronic control device controls the electromagnetic air valve; the utility model is characterized in that the air outlet of the electromagnetic air valve is connected with the inlet pipe between a carburetor and the engine. The utility model increases the circular oil-supply amount according to the pressure-increasing principle of the engine and through increasing the main amount hole of the carburetor and other measures; then the utility model supplements the fresh air into the inlet pipe in fixing amount according to the demand of guaranteeing the excellent air-fuel ratio under the control of the control device, thereby making the engine have excellent fuel economy and discharge performance while improving the power.




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