Full automatic rapier loom sampler



A full automatic rapier loom sampler belongs to textile machinery technical field, which adopts computer control and can realize full automatic operation of shedding, weft insertion, color selection, weft cutter, beating up, let-off warp and take-up etc. according to design requirements of pattern card draft. The mechanical structure of the utility model is as follows: the front part of the loom sampler is provided with a weft insertion device, while the middle part separates warp into tow layers of forming sheds through a heald frame motion device and the sidepiece is provided with a colored weft selection system and a weft insertion device, the rear part is provided with a let-off warp device; in addition, control operation is realized through ten sorts of function buttons. The utility model adopts the following design software of pattern card draft: user can click relevant icons by mouse according to word description displayed on screen of designed software to realize design and modification of pattern card draft and control of the loom sampler. The utility model has the advantages of convenient, easy, fast and accurate completion of sample weaving and the quality of woven sample being identical to that of practical fabrics.




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