Ingot mould


  • Inventors: SHANGZHI SHI
  • Assignees: 师尚智
  • Publication Date: June 16, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2620600-Y


The utility model provides a steel ingot mould, comprising a die body with an inner square hole, which is characterized in that the taper of the inner square hole is less than 1.2 mm and the height is from 2400mm to 2800mm. With a small taper, a high and thin rectangle inner hole, the utility model can cast slender steel billets with small taper and heavy weight. Being suitable to small sized rolling mill, the utility model may not impact on the roller and can roll in one heat so that completely meets the requirement of technology in the production of rolling mill. Thereby, the steel ingot mould is of low cost, low energy consumption and no reinvestment any more.




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