Line board structure of high screen


  • Inventors: YUYAN ZHOU
  • Assignees: 甄玉燕
  • Publication Date: April 14, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2610776-Y


A high compartment foot rule plate structure substantially comprises a foot rule plate which is a section bar provided with two horizontal blocking slots, a porous fixing poise which is a flake-shaped stripe structure provided with a plurality of screw holes, rubber-head nails with rubber nail heads, nails, and buckstays which are section bars with T-shaped slots on the sides. The integral structure is that the porous fixing poise is perpendicularly arranged in the lateral T-shaped slot of the buckstay, two rubber-head nails are screwed in two screw holes of the porous fixing poise. Further, at least one nail is screwed in at least one screw hole of the porous fixing poise for fastening the porous fixing poise on the buckstay, and two blocking slots on the foot rule plate block closely the rubber-head nail head to install the foot rule plate on the buckstay. The utility model has the beneficial effects that the disassembly of the foot leg plate will not affect the stability and the assembly and disassembly of a decorative plate on the foot rule plate, and the utility model has simple and stable structure, is quite easy to assemble and to disassemble, and saves time and labor.




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