Improved small aperture deformed cassegrain antenna



The utility model relates to an improvement of the signal receiving/radiation Cassegrain antenna, in particular to a high-efficiency small bore diameter univariate Cassegrain antenna, characterized in that the edge of a hyperbolic sub-reflector of the antenna is a circular arc surface rotating section, the sub-reflector is deformed into a rotating assembly whose front side is a hyperboloid and back side is a circular arc surface, the distribution of the phase and the amplitude on the caliber of the small bore diameter antenna is close to or reach the ideal degree, and the focusing capability is further improved. An inner tapered surface of a feed horn is modified into a gradually changeable vertical tooth structure whose trough depth is gradually deepened, trough width is gradually narrower and all tooth tips are on the same oblique line, thus enhancing the electrical capability of the whole antenna system even more; the efficiency of the antenna which is made according to the structure of the utility model and has a 0.8m caliber of a main surface highly reaches 78.9% and achieves high efficiency and high gain; and the sub-reflector is directly slid to fix on the feed, thereby not only effectively reducing the shaded area of the supporting system but also making the sub-reflector to be changed from the three-dimensional regulation to the one-dimensional axial regulation, and also reducing the weight of the antenna system.




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