Multi column pavilion type building integral one-time pouring and shaping device



The utility model relates to an integral one-off pouring and molding device for a multi column kiosk building. The utility model comprises a rotating shaft, a cylinder feed canister, a stand column pouring model box, a kiosk base and a top lid pouring model box; wherein the rotating shaft is driven by a motor; the cylinder feed canister has a hopper outlet; the stand column pouring model box is fastened on the outer wall of the cylinder feed canister; a pouring mouth of the stand column pouring model box overlaps the hopper outlet of the cylinder feed canister; the kiosk base and top lid pouring model box are communicated and integrated the stand column pouring model box and the cylinder feed canister; outer templet of the top lid pouring model box has a dog house and a connecting tendon fixedly connected to a rotating shaft; a material scraper is hanged on the rotating shaft in the cylinder feed canister under the gravity. The device can built up a kiosk building which consists of a plurality of stand columns in a circle track and realize an integer being auto poured and modeled at one time, thus eliminating lapping and unloading a scaffold through manpower and a complex construction workmanship of fission pouring concrete, further greatly reducing building cost of a kiosk building.




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