House ventilating filtering device


  • Inventors: ZHUXING LIANG
  • Assignees: 梁助兴
  • Publication Date: March 24, 2004
  • Publication Number: CN-2607537-Y


The utility model discloses a house ventilating and filtering device comprising a ventilating passage. The key design point is that the ventilating passage is composed of a front half housing and a rear half housing. The front half housing is provided with a protuberant edge. An air filtration core is fixed on the protuberant edge. The so-designed ventilating and filtering device is arranged on a ventilating passage remained on the house wall or on the window. When at installment, two or more ventilating and filtering devices are installed inside the house so as to use the natural wind for the indoor air convection, thus playing a role of ventilating. Because of the arrangement of the air filtration core in the housing, the air can be purified through the ventilating and filtering device when at ventilation, thus avoiding the suctioned dust during the ventilation. The utility model has the advantages of a simple structure and a convenient operation and consumes no electric energy during the ventilation and dust removal processes.




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