Assistant stick for fast walking and climbing



The utility model discloses a walking stick for assisting walking quickly and mounting, comprising a stick body and a handle. The handle is provided with a non-skid groove; the upper part of the handle is provided with an L-shaped armguard belt, on which a connecting button is arranged; the armguard belt can be winded on the wrist of the user. The lower end of the stick body is provided with a non-skid pointed cone, on which a positioning disk is arranged. The external of the non-skid pointed cone is also provided with a plastic non-skid sleeve. The walking stick for assisting walking quickly and mounting can be used as a walking stick for non-skidding, but mainly used as a body-building appliance. When the user walks quickly, the walking stick can improve the exercise load, and exercise the wrist, the upper limbs, the shoulder and the back of the user. In climbing, besides the above functions, the walking stick can improve the mounting speed and can alleviate the stressing degree of the knee joint, which can protect the knee joint. As the walking stick is provided with a non-skid pointed cone, the user can not only in daily life walk on the road and the stone-stepped road but also can walk on the gravel road and the earth road with safety and comfort when using the walking stick.




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