Multi-head rotary double-spraying-gun electric car brush


  • Inventors: WANG GUANNAN
  • Assignees: 王冠男
  • Publication Date: March 12, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203472814-U


The utility model relates to car washing devices, in particular to a multi-head rotary double-spraying-gun electric car brush, and solves the problem that car washing is high in cost and low in washing efficiency. According to the technical scheme, the multi-head rotary double-spraying-gun electric car brush comprises a telescopic rod, a brush head part and a power drive part. The brush head part comprises a top cover, an upper partition, a lower partition, a rotary disc, bristles and nozzles arranged on the rotary disc. The power drive part comprises a power line, a water inlet pipe connector, a strainer, foam spraying guns, a speed changing gear and the like. The power line is connected with a power switch, a converting switch and a motor. The speed changing gear is connected with the motor shaft of the motor. Gears are meshed with the speed changing gear. The gears are meshed with one another. The gears are connected with the rotary disc through a hollow shaft. The multi-head rotary double-spraying-gun electric car brush is efficient, fast, convenient in washing, and durable.




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