Self-water supply brush


  • Inventors: ZHOU SHUNDA
  • Assignees: 周顺达
  • Publication Date: October 03, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-202458135-U


The utility model discloses a self-water supply brush, which can be used for better cleaning the skin surface during face washing and bathing, has a certain massaging effect on true skin and subcutaneous tissues, can be used for cleaning any position of the body of a user and contributes to saving water. The brush can also be used for brushing fruits, vegetables or clothes and the like. The self-water supply brush consists of a brush body, a brush head, a brush head fixing groove, a water wheel, a water flow control button and a rubber ring wall, wherein the brush body is provided with a water pipe and a water inlet hose connecting interface; the water wheel is fixed in the water pipe, and is provided with blades and a water wheel shaft; the water wheel shaft passes through the brush head fixing groove; the notch of the brush head fixing groove is provided with an umbrella edge; a silica gel rubber ring wall is sleeved on the outer side of the umbrella edge, and is screwed on the brush body; the groove wall or groove bottom is provided with a plurality of water spray holes; the brush head is inserted into the water wheel shaft or fixed at the bottom of the brush head fixing groove; and brush heads made of different materials play different roles. When the water flow control button is switched on, the water wheel rotates under the action of water current impact to drive the brush head to rotate, and water is sprayed onto the brush head through the water spray holes, so that skin can be cleaned and cared or articles can be brushed.




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