Electric hand washing machine


  • Inventors: HU ZHENGDE
  • Assignees: 胡正德
  • Publication Date: September 15, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201578150-U


The utility model discloses an electric hand washing machine which comprises a brush, a motor, a rotating shaft and a frame, wherein the rotating shaft is mounted on the frame by rotation, one end of the rotating shaft is in transmission connection with the motor, and the motor is connected with a pedal switch through a circuit; and the brush is arranged on the rotating shaft, a semi-closed protective cover is covered on the upper part of the brush, a spray nozzle is mounted in the semi-closed protective cover, the spray head is respectively connected with a soap water bucket and a sterile clean water bucket through water pipes, and a water switch is mounted at the junction of the water pipes. The electric hand washing machine has reasonable structural design, is simple and convenient to operate and can save time and improve efficiency.




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