Energy-saving type shoe washing machine



The utility model discloses an energy-saving type shoe washing machine which comprises a box body, wherein a water collecting inclined disk is horizontally arranged on the middle portion of the box body, the water collecting inclined disk divides the box body into an upper space and a lower space, rotation shafts of a spraying device is coaxially installed on the water collecting inclined disk, a water-proof bearing is installed in the rotation shafts, a plurality of burner pipes are arranged on the spraying device, the space above the water collecting inclined disk forms a spraying chamber, a water leakage port of the water collecting inclined disk is communicated with a filter tank downwards, a drainage device is arranged between the water collecting inclined disk and the filter tank, the filter tank is communicated with the water tank, the water tank is communicated with a water pumping port of the water pump, the water pump and an outlet of a gas pump are communicated with a water spraying device of the spraying device simultaneously, and the space under the water collecting inclined disk forms a water circulating chamber. The shoe washing machine of the utility model has simple structure, low manufacture cost, low energy consumption, water saving effect, not only can wash shoes, but also can be used to wash insoles, duster cloth, socks and the like, a hand-held spraying gun can flexibly and conveniently carry out secondary local washing, and the washing machine is adapted to family use.




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