Electronic energy-saving lamp improvement


  • Inventors: LIAO JINHUA
  • Assignees: 廖金华
  • Publication Date: May 28, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-201066096-Y


A novel improvement on an electronic energy-saving lamp relates to an electron lighting facility, in particular to an improvement on an electronic energy-saving lamp. The utility model consists of a spiral interface (1), an upper cover (2), a lower shell (3) and a light tube (4). The diameter of the upper cover (2) ranges from 38 to 45 mm. The spiral diameter of the light tube (4) ranges from 38 to 45mm. The spiral interface (1) is arranged at the upper end of the upper cover (2). The upper cover (2) is arranged on the upper surface of the lower shell (3). The light tube (4) is arranged at the lower end of the lower shell (3). The utility model meets the requirements on the output power of a lamp and the modern illuminating brightness and ensures the requirements of people that the illuminating quality is higher and higher and the whole size of the lamp is smaller and smaller through reducing the size of lamp. The utility model optimizes the visibility of the product in the size structure so as to better reduce the size of lamp.




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