Multifunctional kitchen knife


  • Inventors: QI WEINING
  • Assignees: 漆伟宁
  • Publication Date: May 07, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-201056000-Y


The utility model discloses a multifunction kitchen knife, which is characterized in that a semi-circular hole for opening bottle lid is arranged on a knife body close to the back and the head of the knife body; a transversely protruded anti-adhesion rib is arranged at the upper end of the blade of the knife body; the lower end at the connection joint between the knife body and the hilt has an arc shape with increased thickness; the back of the knife at the upper end of connection joint of the knife body and the hilt has a small arc-shaped structure, and the back of the knife at the small arc position is thickened along the edge; and an antiskid body bending downwards is arranged at the tail end of the hilt. The utility model can be used for cutting vegetables without adhesion, and can also be used for opening bottle lid. The knife can be prevented from sliding and fatigue after long-time grasping by hand, and has stable and comfort operation, scientific shape design and convenient use.




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