Depth control device for key copying machine



The utility model relates to a depth-control device of a key copying machine, comprising a base and a control disk, and is characterized in that one end of the base can be fixed till the key copying machine, the control disk is pivoted on the base, a complex number of grooves with specific depths are respectively formed on the surface which circulates the pivoting position, and the specific depths are respectively corresponding to various depths of a master and a secondary holes of a female key. When the female key is copied, operators can indirectly combine according to the ciphers recorded by the female key for a probe in the key copying machine to gradually pierce into and prop up to the corresponding groove of the control disk, and meanwhile a drill head which is synchronously displaced is used for gradually drilling and milling to the unprocessed key-lock embryo surface, thereby forming the master and the secondary holes with the same depth, therefore, the accuracy and non-error effect of copying the key can be ensured, and the surface abrasion of the female key can be further avoided.




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