Elastic disc type tight spinning device


  • Inventors: LIU GUANGRONG
  • Assignees: 朱爱萍
  • Publication Date: April 23, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-201049981-Y


The utility model discloses an elastic disk type compact spinping device and comprises a lower belt roller arranged on the cradle of a spinning machine; a magnetic switch seat is arranged on the cradle; a fixed seat is connected with the lower belt roller; a group of magnet is arranged on the magnetic switch seat; a group of magnets is arranged on the fixed seat; an upper rotating body is arranged on the fixed seat; a lower rotating body which is closely connected with the upper rotating body is arranged on the fixed seat. The utility model effectively improves the delivery state of fibers before twisting and eliminates a previous delta area at the exit of a bottom roller; besides, the utility model can reduce flying during the production of yarns after the yarns goes through a clustering area, improving the finished yarn quality; in addition, the whole device moves simultaneously with the bottom roller and the winding of a spindle, avoiding the occurrence of yarn blockage and yarn breaking.




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