Semi-automatic liquid packer



The utility model discloses a semi-automatic hydraulic pressing machine, including a support, an electric motor, a gear scraper pump, a filter van, an electric motor controller with electromagnetic speed regulation and an electronic scale. The electric motor is connected with the gear scraper pump via a belt, the electric motor and the gear scraper pump are mounted in the inner portion of the support, the gear scraper pump is provided with a liquid inlet pipe and a liquid outlet pipe, the filter van is installed on the upper side of the support, one side of the filter van installed on the support is provided with a base used for holding the electronic scale, and the liquid outlet pipe is fixed with the electric motor controller with electromagnetic speed regulation used for controlling the work state of the electric motor. The adoption of the electric motor controller with electromagnetic speed regulation enables the utility model to be simple in operation and easy in controlling, and only one person is needed to accomplish the whole work, thereby semi-automation is achieved. The adoption of the electronic scale ensures the charging accuracy of the utility model, and the adoption of the parts which are common in the market ensures the low cost of the utility model.




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