Operation monitoring apparatus for CNG gas storage well


The utility model provides an operation monitor device for CNG gas storage well and consists of a gas collection cover which covers on the surrounding of the upper part of a gas storage casing on the ground surface, a casing displacing sensor arranged on an anchoring beam, a pressure sensor for casing deformation, a gas leakage monitor arranged on the gas collection cover and a pressure sensor for gas storage well arranged on an inflation pipeline of the gas storage casing. The four sensors are connected with a data processor through a cable and then are transmitted to a CNG gasholder station duty room through wired transmission. With monitor on four aspects, once data on some aspect oversteps safety index, the utility model can give out alarm and calls attention to the worker to adopt measurement timely so that risk is reduced, safety misadventure can be avoided, monitor on the CNG gas storage well can be realized and the difficulty of safety management of the installation station of the CNG gas storage well can be solved.




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