Ventilation pressure-balancing device for crankcase of general petrol engine



The utility model discloses a ventilation pressure balance device, a crankcase body and a main air hole of a universal gasoline engine crankcase, which is characterized in that a spring leaf value is mounted on the main air hole, one end of the spring leaf value is arranged on the crankcase body, and another end of the spring leaf value is free. The ventilation pressure balance device of the universal gasoline engine crankcase of the utility model uses the size and frequency of pressure variation in the spring leaf value and the crankcase to control the opening degree of the spring leaf, thereby to ensure the pressure in the crankcase in the accepted range on the one hand, and on the other hand decrease the consumption of the engine oil. The utility can reduce the output of the engine oil and the emission of the gasoline engine, so the pollutant discharge of the gasoline engine will meet related standards and be useful for environmental protection. The utility model has simple and convenient installation.




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