Pedal type disinsection refuse can


  • Inventors: CHEN XINZHI
  • Assignees: 陈新枝
  • Publication Date: April 02, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-201043079-Y


A pedal pest-control garbage can is provided, the main body thereof comprises a head part, a pedestal part, a trapping pot, as well as a bait plate, the trapping pot is equipped on the head part, the bait plate is equipped on the pedestal part, wherein: the head part is equipped with a can cover, the head part is also equipped with a plug hole and at least a fence gate, the pedestal part is equipped with a opening groove, two side wall surface of the opening groove are separately equipped with convex rails, the pedestal part is also equipped with a pedal, the pedestal part is equipped with a poke rod, the pedal is connected with one end of the poke rod, and the other end of the poke rod propels a linkage mechanism equipped along the pedestal part and the head part; the trapping pot is equipped with a top cover and a through hole; two sides of the bait plate are separately equipped with concave rails corresponding to the convex rails of the opening groove, the concave rails are matched with the convex rails to place the bait plate in the opening groove, the bait plate is equipped with a baffle plate and at least a through mouth, the through mouth is equipped with a one-way fence, and the one-wan fence can only be opened inwardly. The utility model has the pest-control effects.




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