Coal-firing hot wind heating multiple-purpose furnace



The utility model provides a coal hot air multifunctional heating stove, belongs to the technical field of heating equipment, and relates to the household heating equipment. A set of fire tube heat exchanger which comprises a metal stove core and a plurality of metal conduits is additionally arranged at the upper part of the stove core, and a metal smoke vent equipped with a butterfly valve and a metal main hot air outlet opening are respectively installed on two corners inside the upper part of the metal stove panel; two subsidiary hot air outlet openings equipped with active cover plates are added on the two corners inside the upper part of the metal stove panel; a manual slag discharging device is added at the lower part of the stove core. The installation of the conduit and the investment and the trouble of a heat radiator are eliminated, therefore, the production has a great variety of functions such as heating, cooking, or baking food functions, etc, and the utility model has the advantages of simple installation, convenient, clean, and health operation, high efficiency and energy saving, elegant appearance, low investment, and low cost.




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