Special-purpose hanger device for mounting elevator



A hanger device dedicated for installation of an elevator is characterized in that a bottom end of a rectangle frame body is provided with a base on which two Pi-shaped frame bodies are inserted, and a middle part of each frame body is provided with upper and lower cross rods, and right and left ends of the lower cross rod are provided with stretchable supporting devices, and left and right sides of the two Pi-shaped frame bodies are connected to a supporting frame whose bottom cross rod is flush with the upper cross rod of the Pi-shaped frame body, and a horizontal upper frame is arranged above the supporting frame, and an inner side of the lower cross rod is provided with left and right cross rods whose left and right ends are provided with the stretchable supporting devices, and a top end of one corner of the frame body is provide with an electric hanging machine whose power wire rope goes across a pulley to be connected to a top end of a diagonal corner, and the other pair of corners of the frame body are provided with safety locks, and a mainly hanging wire rope penetrates a lock hole, and the stretchable supporting device comprises inner and outer tubes, and an outer end of the inner tube is provided with internal thread which is in bolt connection with a supporting thread rod with a bended arc end head. When used, the hanger device is put into an elevator vertical well, and the stretchable support device is adjusted to push against a wall of the vertical well, forming a stable working platform, therefore construction is convenient and safe, and the cost is decreased due to no need to build scaffold, and the working efficiency is improved.




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