Medicinal powder even dividing device


  • Inventors: ZHENG HONG
  • Assignees: 红 郑
  • Publication Date: March 26, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-201040600-Y


A homogeneous divided device of powder is provided, which belongs to medical device field. When the powder is divided in subcontract packaging form, the powder has to be weighed in balance which is very complex, or the powder can be divided by estimation but the dose taken by patient is inaccurate which affect the treating disease. The technical scheme of the utility model is that an eight equal division section 1 is inserted into the powder holding cylinder 3. Eight corresponding one eighth box covers 2 are disposed on the upper end of the eight division section 1. The advantages of the utility model are that the design of the structure of the homogeneous divided of powder is reasonable and practical, the conception is ingenious and novel, by using the utility model the powder can be divided fast and the efficiency of powder division is improved. The utility model simplifies the work of the pharmacy medical staff significantly, and the operation of the device is simple and convenient.




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