Electricity-limiting switch



The utility model belongs to the technical field of emergency protection circuit device, relating to an electricity restricting switch when the load is excessive. The utility model is to solve the problem that: the fluctuation of the network voltage brings the great change of the load power, thus, not only the life span of the lamp is shortened, but also the increasing load on the wire is easily to bring about hazard. The electricity restricting switch comprises a DC power supply circuit(1) and a relay(2); the switch contact of the relay(2) is in series with the primary winding of the mutual inductor(3), and the secondary winding of the mutual inductor(3) is connected with the input end of the differential amplifying circuit(4); the central tap of the secondary winding is earthed; the output end of the differential amplifying circuit(4) and the output end of the voltage reference are respectively connected with the input end of the voltage comparison circuit(5), and the output end of the voltage comparison circuit(5) is connected with the executive circuit(6) of the relay(2). When the current in the load wire excels the set value, the utility model will sensitively detect the change and shut off the circuit.




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