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A novel coating tool belongs to a building decoration tool, integrates smearing brushes and smearing rollers, and consists of a handle and a tabulate smearing head, wherein, the handle is formed by screwing a handle head and a handle connecting part of the smearing head together; a direction-adjusting fixing bolt which can adjust the direction of the handle is arranged on the handle; the upper part of the smearing head is provided with a coating chamber for storing coatings; the smearing brushes and the smearing rollers on the lower part of the smearing head are orderly and alternately arranged; a material storage layer is arranged between the upper part and the lower part of the smearing head; the positions on a bottom plate of the coating chamber are provided with material distributing holes corresponding to smearing brush bodies; the smearing rollers are strung on a material pipe; the material pipe is provided with material distributing holes inside the smearing roller bodies; material excreting holes are arranged on the smearing roller bodies, and the periphery of each material excreting hole is provided with a smearing cashmere sleeve; a filler cup is arranged inside a material injecting port of the coating chamber; a recycling body for absorbing dropping liquid is arranged between the frame of the smearing head and a smearing body. The utility model mainly solves the problems of drop loss, low work efficiency and uneven finishing of coatings in smearing operation, and is characterized in dropping liquid recycling, physical strength conservation, efficacy improvement and even coating. The structure is suitable for the construction of finishing surfaces in different angles.




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