Small-sized washing device


  • Inventors: CHANG SHENG
  • Assignees: 常胜
  • Publication Date: December 16, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-105155187-A


The invention relates to a small-sized washing device. The small-sized washing device comprises a washing nozzle and a power unit. The washing nozzle is provided with water spraying holes and water sucking holes which are distributed in a staggered mode. The water spraying holes are communicated with a small-sized water pump through a water spraying pipe. The water sucking holes are communicated with a small-sized pumper through a water sucking pipe. A layer of rubber or bristles are distributed on the periphery of the water spraying holes and the water sucking holes. In the using process, the water spraying holes in the washing nozzle spray high-pressure water flow towards clothes, and the high-pressure water flow impacts and washes stains on the clothes. The small-sized washing device has the advantages that energy and water can be saved efficiently, targeted local washing can be achieved, modeling of the clothes cannot be destroyed, the structure is simple and portable, cost is low and carrying is convenient.




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