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US-4835234-A: Hydrophobically functionalized cationic polymers patent, US-4954610-A: Polyamide-imide polymers having fluorine-containing linking groups patent, US-5871194-A: Hinged clip and fitted article patent, US-4042438-A: Method of assembling a diaphragm assembly for an electro-acoustic transducer patent, US-5524711-A: Agricultural implement for forming planting rows patent, US-5443963-A: Method for detecting staphylococci patent, US-6549763-B1: Receiving apparatus and method patent, US-6028770-A: Control device, especially for a motor vehicle patent, US-4808193-A: Process for dyeing hydroxy-containing fiber material with water-soluble dis-azo reactive dye compound patent, US-6605501-B1: Method of fabricating CMOS device with dual gate electrode patent, US-4230569-A: Method and apparatus for supplying dissolved chemicals into water patent, US-5244155-A: Solid-solid separations utilizing alkanol amines patent, US-6290913-B1: Apparatus for reducing concentration of carbon monoxide patent, US-5277977-A: Ferromagnetic stabilized ultrafine spherical hexagonal crystalline Fe2 patent, US-6313925-B1: System, method, and program for saving toner/ink in a color printer without sacrificing image quality patent, US-6326442-B1: Multistage method for manufacturing polyolefins patent, US-5809320-A: High-performance multi-processor having floating point unit patent, US-4615171-A: Bicycle chain lubrication patent, US-5972476-A: Laminated parts and method of making same patent, US-4370465-A: Epoxy resins having improved physical properties when cured patent, US-4606794-A: Automated solar still patent, US-4608643-A: Automatic tool grinding machine with computerized control patent, US-5507499-A: Method of sealing useful in semiconductor processing apparatus for bridging materials having a thermal expansion differential patent, US-5959568-A: Measuring distance patent, US-6113851-A: Apparatus and process for dry sterilization of medical and dental devices and materials patent, US-4241131-A: Moldable polyurethane foam-backed fabrics patent, US-5234618-A: Liquid detergent composition patent, US-5306489-A: Hair care products containing N-alkoxyalkylamides patent, US-5401493-A: Perfluoro-1H,-1H-neopentyl containing contrast agents and method to use same patent, US-5849528-A: Polynucleotides encoding a human S100 protein patent, US-5011636-A: Structural unit and method for molding same patent, US-5266677-A: Thiophene-based polymers patent, US-5506607-A: 3-D model maker patent, US-5578685-A: Curing component for epoxy resins comprising Mannich base from alkylated polyhydroxy aromatic patent, US-6045694-A: Cationically charge-modified membranes patent, US-6588956-B1: Cleaning apparatus patent, US-6479763-B1: Conductive paste, conductive structure using the same, electronic part, module, circuit board, method for electrical connection, method for manufacturing circuit board, and method for manufacturing ceramic electronic part patent, US-6643768-B2: Dyadic DSP instruction processor with main and sub-operation functional blocks selected from each set of multiplier and adder patent, US-4770769-A: Hemodialysis apparatus with degassing means for the dialysis solution patent, US-6106834-A: Use of anti-CD45 leukocyte antigen antibodies for immunomodulation patent, US-6253126-B1: Method and apparatus for flight parameter monitoring and control patent, US-6368880-B2: Barrier applications for aluminum planarization patent, US-3721683-A: Process for the preparation of aromatic carboxylic anhydrides patent, US-4430282-A: Method for the extrusion of tetrafluoroethylene polymer tubes patent, US-4085107-A: 1-Heterocyclic alkyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinazolinones patent, US-3976660-A: Pyrrolidine derivatives patent, US-4028449-A: Process for preparing a highly expanded polyvinyl chloride foam product patent, US-4138356-A: Encapsulated flame retardant system patent, US-4556409-A: 2-Vinyl- and 2-ethylcyclopropane monocarboxylates as plant growth modifiers patent, US-6689388-B2: Microencapsulated delivery system for high viscosity fluids patent, US-3898257-A: Chemical compounds patent, US-4054577-A: Preparation of aromatic bisimides patent, US-4151126-A: Polyolefin/conductive carbon composites patent, US-4318858-A: Thioethylamide derivatives patent, US-5188776-A: Ceramic microtubular materials and method of making same patent, US-3919009-A: Method for producing an improved thyristor patent, US-4436770-A: Oxynitride film and its manufacturing method patent, US-4560257-A: Knock-down geometric structure with optional mirrored faces patent, US-4751230-A: 2,3-dihydrobenzofuran compounds, composition and their method of use patent, US-5057508-A: Pesticidal compounds patent, US-6037415-A: Method of finishing plastic surfaces patent, US-5087769-A: Preparation of 6-substituted-2-vinylnaphthalene patent, US-5241193-A: Semiconductor device having a thin-film transistor and process patent, US-5326689-A: Silver halide photographic material patent, US-5608355-A: Automatic adjustment circuit for an oscillator patent, US-5762745-A: Substrate processing apparatus patent, US-5446016-A: Method for forming a patterned oxide superconductor thin film patent, US-5704104-A: Method and machine for recycling discarded carpets patent, US-6066240-A: Method and device for manufacturing a thin film and magnetic recording medium patent, US-3960888-A: Pyrrolidone-5,5-diphosphonic acids patent, US-4532754-A: Tube former apparatus patent, US-6273352-B1: Tape drive system with engagement control feature patent, US-6531271-B1: Color photographic element comprising a multifunctional dye-forming coupler patent, US-4282045-A: Pb1-W CdW S Epitaxial thin film patent, US-5071339-A: Compression molding apparatus patent, US-5457235-A: Halogenated diphenyldiacetylene liquid crystals patent, US-5577263-A: Chemical vapor deposition of fine grained rhenium on carbon based substrates patent, US-5584939-A: Method for cleaning rail cars patent, US-6479199-B2: Processing method of silver halide photographic light sensitive material patent, US-6555053-B1: Method for supplying sterilization/deodorization gas and apparatus therefor patent, US-4864018-A: Anthraquinone derivatives and their use as protein absorbents patent, US-4891000-A: Apparatus for blow moulding hollow article patent, US-6562296-B1: Process for cleaning surgical instruments patent, US-4157931-A: Process for producing information carrying discs patent, US-4358332-A: Apparatus for coating paper with a plastic pattern patent, US-4615760-A: Suppression or control of liquid convection in float zones in a zero-gravity environment by viscous gas shear patent, US-5100926-A: Process for producing polyurethane patent, US-6309919-B1: Method for fabricating a trench-gated vertical CMOS device patent, US-4735918-A: Vertical channel field effect transistor patent, US-5047531-A: Piperidine-triazine compounds for use as stabilizers for organic materials patent, US-5075233-A: Process for the preparation of 2-aryloxypropionic acids patent, US-5268447-A: Readily processable polyimide and preparation process of same patent, US-4377616-A: Lustrous satin appearing, opaque film compositions and method of preparing same patent, US-4940887-A: Automatic mail handling and postage vending machine patent, US-5185081-A: Method and apparatus for mixing and separating two liquid phases while preventing aeration and emulsions using a mixer-settler patent, US-5445871-A: Surface-modified plastic plate patent, US-4995926-A: Method of making a seat patent, US-5569441-A: System for accelerating the heating rate of a fixed bed catalyst by supplying supplemental energy patent, US-5906752-A: Self-cleaning belt filter with edge sealing means and method patent, US-4326043-A: Process for the preparation of polyisocyanurate dispersions modified with halogenated alcohols and compositions prepared therefrom patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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